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How 25 Ton Electric Log Splitter Prolongs Its Lifespan


    When using forest king pro log splitter, its performance is very advantageous, but if there is improper operation during the operation, it will easily affect the normal use of the device, so for the device, master the correct How to use it is very important. The following editor will analyze the factors that affect the service life of the wood chipper. If you are interested, let's take a look.
    1. The abrasion resistance of some areas of the wood chipper is poor
    If the main components of the wood chipper, such as the frame and bearings, are made of poor materials or have low wear resistance. It will affect the use time of the whole machine. When working, materials with excessive hardness will wear or even break due to low heat treatment process and poor wear resistance. However, according to statistics, frequent damage of parts will not only shorten the service life of the machine, but also cause some failures.
    2. Improper use and maintenance
    Although the structure of the wood chipper is simple and reliable, it is operated in strict accordance with the operating procedures in use. However, due to inexperience and carelessness, many users perform poorly due to improper operation and maintenance. All the details neglected in these work will inevitably accelerate the wear of wearing parts, cause the oil circuit to be blocked, etc. Accumulation to a certain extent will lead to major economic losses, and even lead to the scrapping of the machine, shortening the service life given by the manufacturer.

    3. The natural environment where the wood chipper is located
    The extreme heat, severe cold, rain, snow, wind, altitude and other factors in the natural environment will have a great impact on the normal use of the machine. When the machine is used in hot and cold conditions, measures should be taken to protect the machine, and some parameters of the equipment should be adjusted according to the actual situation.
    4. Frequent oil leaks
    During the working process of the wood chipper, due to the harsh environment, excessive dust, blockage of the oil return pipe, and accumulation of stolen goods will hinder the flow of oil, resulting in oil leakage, poor lubrication and damage to the components in the equipment; or the stability of the hydraulic system and the quality of the hydraulic components. The quality of hydraulic components and seals does not meet the requirements, and it is easy to leak oil and seriously damage the internal parts of the machine. As a result, frequent oil spills can cause serious damage to the equipment, thereby reducing the service life of the machine.
    25 ton electric log splitter is a special equipment for producing high quality wood chips. Pine, miscellaneous wood, poplar, fir and other logs and raw bamboo can be cut into uniform pieces, and veneer, bamboo branches, corn stalks, cotton stalks, reeds and other non-wood fiber straws can be sliced. Users can adjust the specifications of the discharged wood chips within a certain range according to their needs.