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Quick tip for anyone purchasing 2K21 this gen

  • I only got so angry at 2K to the point where I had to just uninstall it, and I'm still pretty pissed rn, so ima just rant real fast. Can somebody tell me why EVERY build, even facilities can shoot consistently NBA 2K21 MT? That literally destroys the whole game. Especially if it is a mf inside assemble as a paint beast or inside drive. The whole purpose of making a build that specializes in scoring within the paint is really that they can score within the PAINT. Builds are not only supposed to be good at everything, especially centers; they should be good at what their construct is meant to be good in, and not anything more.

    I mean, should you make a glass lock that can shoot, then that's cool as long as you must sacrifice finishing or defense, but a paint beast or interior force (two inside center builds) should not be able to shoot at a high level. Secondly, can someone, please explain the shooting? I mean it's always inconsistent asf. Like I said before I flashed NBA 2K21, along with my breaking point was when I had been playing randoms (never again) and the inner force on the opposite team kept shooting rebound "slightly late/earlier".

    Not even complete whites, bounce backs, and he hit every single one. So an interior center can take and also make all bounce backs, but a shooting build misses white releases that are full? come on! No only that, but 2K additionally rewards"late" releases in the mid century, that have ABSOLUTELY no business going in, if complete white releases with shooting assembles always miss. Delay and latency also plays a role in mistimed releases, but 2K does not give a f about fixing that we'll likely just have to deal with it ig. Another thing I've a issue with is badges. Plain and simple, the majority of the badges in NBA 2K21 belong to the garbage. They don't get the job done.

    Interceptor: useless. Pick pocket: useless. Dodger: weak. Start: weak. Speedy draw get it outta NBA 2K21! Intimidator HOF is crap. How can a non-slashing shield put up it while I have my palms in their? I know I have interior protection, but as a guard that's not always essential. Even though I have inside defense, I have intimidator built on HALL OF FAME so that I do not get that does not at all compensate for my protection. And since I have intimidator on HOF ima want you to quit letting slashers green in my eye, even though I'm directly 2K, in their head.

    I am not gonna enter the park much, 2K must stop being lazy, simple as that. It is just getting a bit sad at this time. We'll just have to see to is in 21. Every participant goes ash like they are built like Mark Henry. I mean if you look at the past 2Ks such as 17 and 16 there is a difference in speed and movement. Another thing Buy NBA 2K Coins. If I'm not happy with the build I created and want to repay my vc subsequently run me back my VC, y’all literally made $1 billion, this year (somehow) so give me my VC. I already took a leap of faith fell $60 or $100 to a NBA 2K21 match that I am not even sure is gonna be good, the least you can do is give my vc straight back rather than making me spend even more to make another construct. Greed is the origin of all evil, bruh, keep in mind that.