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I discovered it ever since I started Runescape years ago

  • The next thing which would be wonderful to change is that the whip walking anmation... it seems really umm u know..., swinging back and forth while walking, looks like a childs wep RS Gold, cmon it was intended to be a trendy wep not a child's skipping rope! And the running cartoon, he balls it up and runs.

    My thought of an animition for your whip's walking animation is to have ur character drag the whip instead of swinging it and the run cartoon to be just like the exact same but instead to be hauled also.

    Talk to Osman outside of the Al Kharid castle. Requirements: 32 smithing, 20 thieving, 50 Agility or 50 woodcutting and power and Ready to conquer level 60 enemies at a multi-combat zone and also the ability to kill a level 80 enemy Things: rope (If using agility) and axe(if utilizing woodcutting and power ) 1k gp, 3 vials of water, then black robe shirt, hammer, Steel pub

    Begin: Talk to Osman and ask him how things are going, and he'll say not so good. So, again, you have to save folks for Osman. He will tell you that the tracks led from the desert and that is where the kidnappers are believed to have gone. However, you'll need to be disquised to get into the hideout. Proceed to the hideout and you ought to see a level 70"Chief Servent" outside. Strike him until he drops his"hideaway ring" and a"Hideout Map." (this will be once he begins to escape if he's going to expire.)The Guthix Roles: Apart from Cleric that the Guthix team has a distinctive army; none of them can fight but the Battle Druids, and all functions but the Battle Druids have 6 times their usual Defense and Health; except the Blessmaster who has 10 times his/her ammounts.

    Blessmaster: Limit 1 (Please note the Blessmaster can not enter the portal site weilding a shield or weapon because both their hands must be free to maintain the Book of Guthix' Knowlege; while holding this they CAN NOT run.) All Roles possess the very same abilities and goal, which is to purify both shrines from the celler of another Palaces into Balance Buy Old School RS Gold. Then the Purifier purifies the holy or unholy entities within the shrine, which balances itthis causes all abilities of that armies soldiers to quit working. The Balancer then casts his/her spell on the shrine which starts the practice of equilibrium; this is going to stop the armies soldiers from utilizing special attack.