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Quest at the largest port in runescape - Port Sarim

  • Suggestion: I think it should rain now and then in Runescape. It will rain for approximately an hour every day throughout all the worlds. It's possible to switch between worlds, if you want to OSRS Power Leveling. The screen won't become too blurry or distracting in the event of rain. However, you'll see rain in the background and some in the foreground. There are puddles that you might see and a raindrop striking them could create ripples. Similar to when a person walks over it.

    After Zamorak's demise Zamorak falls to the ground, then turns black, and then shatters into ashes. The ground is struck with his sword. You then fall over onto your back, with your legs straight and your arms extended. your right hand releases your godly weapon, it transforms into a normal weapon. Bandos's becomes an obsidian maul and the three other have their items transformed into a dragon item similar to the one you have.

    You can hear the requiem playing in the background. You begin to see the visions of changes. The wilderness becomes a green paradise. Varrock and West Ardougne become shining cities. The evil slowly dies off, until the world is a good place. You sleep, and the camera is to black. You wake slowly in the exact same spot in a secluded location. It appears to be the exact location in which Zamorak was defeated.

    You go back to Azzanadra and he guides you to a second chamber inside the pyramid. You are welcomed by Zaros, who thanked you buy osrs infernal cape, and then gave you a casket. It is opened and contains a letter and an outfit of clothes together with a gun.