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Mission at the biggest port in runescape - Port Sarim

  • Collecting Averages on Resource Skills. Today, I made the decision to begin a massive project that would gather a lot of data in order to obtain averages in Resource Gathering Skills OSRS Fire Cape. I think I was too quick and posted a topic immediately on the RSOF asking for data. But I realized that I don’t even know if anyone would help me. It is what I need because I can’t cut off millions of fish and catch millions of salmon in a very short period of time.

    Therefore, I'll be asking Sals first if you would be willing to keep track of the amount of resources, time it took to obtain them, and your levels in obtaining them. It's not necessary to go to great measures to locate, cut or fish certain items. If enough people are willing to are willing to help, we could make people more active in collecting data that can enable us to make charts.

    Are you willing to help? If you have questions about my meaning please contact me and I'll try to clarify. If I get an acceptable response, I'll convert this thread into a chart. Then I'll start gathering data to fill out the holes.

    This is a money-making guide for members at the lowest levels! Profit: +200k an hour. You can buy the Camelot Teleport at Grand Exchange and then walk from Camelot towards Catherby. While you could walk all the way to Catherby it's far more difficult. When you reach Catherby go to the house north (neighbor house). You can open the door and enter. In the southern part of the house there is an area with a green thing on it RS Gold Buy. It is necessary to have the green thing to repel insects. In the event that you don't, bees could hurt you.