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Each port in Runescape can be docked at

  • Tools and cosmics available immediately, no cash? later buy as soon as u get money. If your entire team isn't available to pray, you could create an altar. Gate without being asked to do so RS 2007 Items! It can be extremely helpful, and always keep an eye for the keys in the inventory of your keyer, and make sure you announce the gate you are using if needed. Always mention what doors you found that are not openable If you spot an gd, immediately do it.

    When you are told to do something, ensure you do it. Keyer asked u to ggs to him for an opening door when you are in the Gd? Well, it's okay to ggs. The door you open can open up more rooms than gds. Make sure to also secure your first spot. ALWAYS ALWAYS LISTEN TO KEYER! This cannot be stressed enough. Any addition?

    It's a mix of irons and steels. I'm not sure of the source from which it comes. It's probably 110 steels, 100 irons. It took me 5 hours, two trips, and 6k blood runses to complete the firewave spell. (83 magic at that moment.) Join if you want to receive more logs desired. I am willing to receive requests for logs. Contact me via this thread if interested. Although i may not be the best player, I do hope i can help. (You can also add my name to the game'Tnx Buddy'. Just tell me why.

    The blue charms are the only ones that I collect (3 from steel, 2 irons at once) All other charms are ignored. PS: If the monsters have a very high level of lvl and I agree to your request, I will use magic. At that time, any donations of cash or runes that can be used to create the drop log and to finish the request, would be appreciated to speed up the log Buy RS 2007 Fire Cape. PPS: Dragons can take lots of time and money therefore 200 is the maximum. Hope you enjoy and find it a little usefull.