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Madden is expected to perform more in the coming season

  • All Madden 22 Awards Players Lists (so far). While there's still more Madden 22 Awards scheduled to announce Mut 22 coins, we've already been informed about four major players being recognized. The first was Micah Parsons, and he's selected as the Rookie of the Year for the Madden 22 Awards. While the criteria isn't than clear however, it's an entirely logical choice based on how Parsons was on the field this season.

    If he plays just like his real-life counterpart in Madden 22, it's should be no surprise to gamers that have been leaning on his defense skills this year. Tyrann Mathieu was next and announced as Tackles Leader at Madden 22 Awards. Madden 22 Awards, as players had 198.8 Million tackles with Mathieu last year on Madden 22.

    As he tries to lead the Los Angeles Rams to a Super Bowl victory, Jalen Ramsey has been named the Interceptions Leader in Madden 22 Awards. Madden 22 Awards with 49.2 Million interceptions recorded by Jalen Ramsey in Madden 22.

    It should also be no surprise that he's not the only Rams player who is being recognized because Aaron Donald has been named the Sacks Leader with 49.1 Million sacks accumulated by players playing with Aaron Donald in Madden 22. Madden 22 is constantly bringing new players to MUT 22, and the latest set comes from the Super Bowl Past set. However, there are a few questions surrounding these new cards.

    One of the most important questions concerns the teams that were not included on their Super Bowl Past set. In particular, there are some of the NFL's top winning Super Bowl teams cheap mut coins. Let's look at these teams and players that we would have liked to see during this year's Madden 22 Super Bowl Past campaign.