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RuneScape awards you to do wizardry like a wand

  • You can still buy decent hybrid armor however, Ghost hunter's armor (w/e it's called) is just as amazing and you can even get it from the killing of ghosts RuneScape Gold. Also there's dragonstone armor, however the cost is quite costly. I believe it was maxed out at tier 50. The best f2p hybrid armor the dragonstone he mentioned, which is tier 60.

    It is also worth noting that a World Event is coming this summer (May or June I think) therefore you should be able to grab some warpriest then. When you last could gain warpriest was at the beginning of 2014. I'm talking about tier 2 or 3 tiers or whatever. Don't know the lingo, just a 07 player dropping by. The Warpriest armour is extremely bad F2P. It's at tier 50, yet the stats are not as good as those of the other 50 tier 'tank armors due to being hybrid armour.

    Warpriest can only be considered decent for those who do a lot of multi-pvp in clans/teams it's not worth the hassle for those who don't (except cape). As for the topic's question that others have already responded to, Batwing is the most powerful Magic armour available to F2Pers. You can also upgrade your weapon(s) If you're currently using Batwing and a book or shield.

    Gravite staff is much better and definitely worth it if you don't plan to become a member anytime soon 2007 RS Items. It's a reward for Dungeoneering worth 40k tokens, which means the requirement is 400K hours of experience through normal training in the Dungeoneering ability.