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Rivers of Blood itself can be found on the corpse of Bloody

  • The Lands Between is vast, to the point where it can be pretty daunting when you first begin with Elden Ring. You have so much choice it's hard to decide where to go Elden Ring Runes. This is especially true when you come up against a difficult area or boss and you wonder if your ability is lacking, or you've arrived a bit late.

    By the time you beat Godrick the majority of those fears should have gone away. Not that the world seems smaller, but you should've played (and lost) enough to have found your feet by then. Arriving at Liurnia of the Lakes opens up a lot of options for you, including ones you might not be aware of Don't worry about it, I'll show you some of your options. You can explore these options following your victory over Godrick in Elden Ring.

    The Raya Lucaria Academy is probably the first thing you'll see when you enter Stormveil Castle. It's situated right in middle of the lake and its size makes it impossible to ignore. The next move in your adventure and plunges you into an area littered with sorcery-slinging enemies and obviously, bosses.

    The chief boss in the Academy, Rannala will give you an option of respecifying once you defeat her, so If you're not happy with your design or are looking to try out different stat allocations, this is a good location to start.

    Unfortunately, it's not possible to enter straight away. If you go into the principal gate, you'll notice the gate is sealed that blocks access. You need an Academy Glintstone Key to get through and there's one lying nearby. Explore the small islands to the west of the academy and you'll find the key of the sleeping dragon buy Elden Ring weapons. Fight him if you like or use Torrent to sprint in and get it in time for an escape.