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Which class to pick in Lost Ark?

  • Lost Ark, the new(ish) MMOARPG by the developers Tripod Studio and Lost Ark Gold Smilegate RPG is not only full of great classes and fantastic combat, but it will also show these classes better than many games. It provides players with a wide range of options to make new characters without excessive grinding.

    As an top-down ARPG like Diablo, Lost Ark features five classes, and the total number of 15 Advanced Classes. Classes here are more similar to classes (Gunner, Berserker, Martial Artists, Sorcerer, and Assassin), while the advanced classes have particular abilities and identities -such as Gunslinger, Bard, Sorceress as well as Gunlancer. Scrapper, Wardancer, Sharpshooter and so on.

    In contrast to other MMOs in that there aren't strictly defined tanks or other supports in Lost Ark. There are tankier characters (like the Gunlancer, who grants his own personal shield, however, he does not have the dodge other players enjoy) and there are some characters who can aid the allies (like for instance, the Bard and Paladin which can offer additional damage or shields to their friends). But everyone who plays Lost Ark can still deal with their fair share of harm.

    However, each subclass feels like it fills a specific niche. Gunslingers are a devastating class but are also vulnerable when attacking and provide little benefit to their teammates cheapest Lost Ark Gold. The four Martial Artist's advanced classes are designed to cause damage but they also have additional advantages including the ability to stagger bosses, or provide more buffs to teammates.