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NBA 2k22 attempts truly to leave from the dull interactivity

  • Although the franchise has been ongoing since the 1990s and beyond 2K MT, the gameplay in NBA 2K games has remained largely consistent. You can play as a team or one player, and participate in highly simulated NBA games to gain virtual dominance. Some games allow players to be the general manager, and even control the all-encompassing NBA franchise. NBA 2K22 features more of the same.

    However, it also means that if certain features weren't available before the game, it's likely that it won't happen in the near future. As with the games before it, NBA 2K22 does not offer cross-platform compatibility.

    That is, if you're planning to play with an opponent who has the game running on a PC that means you'll have to be playing the game on the PC. It's a fascinating stance that you can take advantage of, considering how hard it is to get current-gen consoles right now.

    Fans were asking the same thing as NBA 2K21 was coming out. In 2021, an Reddit thread was posted seeking to know if this game of that time would be cross-platform compatibility. Some of the most adamant Redditors suggested the franchise would not include cross-platform play so as to encourage players to purchase the same game across different platforms.

    Although it might sound a bit sleazy, the franchise (and in turn 2K22) is thankfully cross-progression compatibility.

    Cross-progression is different from cross-platform. It allows players to take their progress and data from one console to move it to a different. That is, you can begin a game on one console and continue where you started when you play it on a different.

    In NBA 2K22, players will be able to bring all their game data between consoles and another. However, there are some aspects to think about. NBA 2K22 will only allow cross-progression across consoles in the same family Buy NBA 2K22 MT. For example, you may migrate your progress from one PlayStation 4 to a PlayStation 5 but you can't carry your progress from one PlayStation 4 to an Xbox Series X.