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Following the two-week event for the community the area that wa

  • Following the two-week event for the community the area that was rebuilt will be renamed Het's Oasis An area for exploration and learning OSRS gold, with a variety of instructional content that will help those who want to boost their Agility, Farming and Hunter skills.

    "Heroes can also aid the God of Death in two Eye of Het mini-quests as they delve into Het's Tomb seeking a powerful object that can aid the gods who are young in the Elder God Wars saga," the press release reads.

    In a new campaign that runs from now until January 3, 2022 players will have the chance to obtain an updated version of the iconic "Partyhat" the item originally made available for Christmas events that was held in 2001. It was initially available in red blue, yellow, green, purple, or white in RuneScape's "The Golden Party Hat Hunt" quest will let players to unlock one of the popular cosmetics with a shiny sheen.

    Because the partyhats were only available for a limited time, and then were subsequently removed and any player fortunate enough to own one may sell them for billions of coins. While the hats themselves are just for decoration and offer no any stat bonuses, they're at present the highest priced item in the Grand Exchange, hitting the maximum value of 2.1billion gold in the year 2015.

    For a chance to own head-on-heads in a Golden Party Hat, players must complete "various goals" and earn eight gold shards in exchange for their efforts. After all eight have been taken, they will be put together into a Golden Party Hat.

    But not only is this event time-bound and limited to one golden hat is created by each participant buy Runescape gold. As with their predecessors from 2001, Jagex says of the golden hats that "after the cut-off date they will never ever again be available for purchase!"