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EA FC & FIFA 24 Possible Release Dates

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    The EarlyGame FIFA team also considers this overview of modes to be realistic. After all, we already have most of them in FIFA already. But EA Sports FC could have an online and women's Career Mode for the first time, that would be huge. And would also require a lot more women's teams...

    EA has already taken the first step in the right direction, as the Spanish La Liga F will become part of the EA family in the future and the Women's Champions League (UWCL) is finally live in FIFA 23. Of course, this could also be a first clue on the women's Career Mode, as it would only make sense with more clubs and leagues. We hope for more female stars from all over the world!All the other modes are also known from the past years. Of course, EA will put most of their efforts in Ultimate Team again. The boys and girls in Canada have to earn their billions somehow.

    The official EA Sports FC release date is not yet known, but we assume that EA will release the new game in the same period as the previous FIFA games. That would be by the end of September or the beginning of October 2023.

    But we should see the first trailer for EAFC a few months before buy FUT 23 Coins. Meanwhile, FIFA President Infantino hasn't made a particularly positive statement for FIFA 24. His latest statement suggests we won't see a game from the FIFA this year...