• Xiaomi makes high-performance Android phones that run the latest specs and hardware and then it sells them for around 60% less than the competition. It has always done this. And this is why it has grown so fast. Unlike Apple and Samsung, How to Factory Reset Xiaomi phone runs its phone business on razor-thin margins (it makes just 5% profit on every phone it sells).

    Apple runs profit margins in and around 40%. And this is why, when you buy a Xiaomi phone, you’ll pay around $400/£500 for a phone that’d normally cost you the best part of $1000/£1000 if you bought it via Apple or Samsung. It’s a killer business model that has helped Xiaomi generate explosive growth over the past few years.

    But what is life actually like with a Xiaomi phone?

    Are Xiaomi phones as good as Apple’s iPhone? Or Samsung’s Galaxy and Note phones? If you’re getting a new phone, it’s an investment, so you want to choose wisely – this is the #1 reason most people go with Apple and Samsung. They know the brand and they know what to expect (solid performance and premium prices). And there are no surprises, usually – iPhones and Samsung phones tend to function just like the ones that came before them.

    In this guide, we’ll give you a detailed breakdown of the PROS and CONS of By the end, you’ll be able to make a decision about whether a Xiaomi phone is right for you. In preparation for this piece, I spent a great deal of time using Xiaomi phones as my daily driver, so what follows is essentially my 2¢ on what life is like with these ultra-affordable Chinese flagship phones.