• Throughout history, interior designers have developed public and private spaces that are heavily influenced by various things such as culture, history, and the environment. One of the common influences of modern interior design is art history, where art styles from the past such as the Renaissance, Baroque, and even Art Nouveau have been used to create incredible interiors. To explain more about the influences of art history on modern designs, an analysis of Tyche Apartment in Barcelona Spain will be performed in this paper. This analysis includes a description of how Art Nouveau influences the apartments interior, contemporary societys values that this design responds to, the main value of interior stylistic traits, purpose, primary audience, its influences on space, and technical considerations.

    An Introduction to the Apartment

    Tyche Apartments is a property that can be found in Barcelona, Spain. The interior was designed by several architects, including Matteo Colombo and Andrea Serboli. The apartment was commissioned by an Italian family for its holiday purposes. Tyche Apartments is a renovation of an earlier apartment, built in 1900. However, this renovation was meant to make the design of this space more contemporary. Originally, the apartment was separated into many small rooms by the use of diagonal walls, which made this space non-functional. The architects were instructed to refashion the apartment into a modern-day family holiday home while still preserving some of its original details. The majority of areas have been revamped, and only a few, which include such features as the Catalan Vaults and the wooden window frames, have avoided renovation. The art style that serves as the basis for the new interior is Art Nouveau. This 19th-20th century style emerged as a response to the period of Industrial Revolution that the world experienced in the 19th century. Artists of this period embraced technological progress together with other related features such as aesthetic possibilities. They began using various materials, so cast iron served their purposes quite well. They also believed that art should be harmonious with nature. Some of the characteristics of this style include the use of long, winding organic lines with dark and temperate colors. The most commonly used colors by Art Nouveau artists, include dark red, mustard yellow, brown, olive, and some blue. Objects include natural objects such as insects, wings, and flowers among other things that can be found around.

    Colors in Tyche Apartment Interiors.

    How Art Nouveau Influences the Apartment

    A study of this apartment shows numerous inspirations from Art Nouveau, from the color to the use of natural flowers in the interior. This can also be seen in the combination of different materials such as iron, glass, and ceramics among other combinations. Another main element of Art Nouveau in this apartment is its floors. Having consulted with the client, the architects decided to make hydraulic tile the main feature of the new interior. These tiles start from the living rooms entrance and tend to create an asymmetrical carpet effect that unites different parts of the apartment. Upon a closer look at the carpet, one can see that it is edged with a satin-finished surface. This helps in bringing light into area at the center of the floor plan and creates a modern and practical low-maintenance and highly resistant material.

    The flooring is painted in neutral tones that are hexagonally shaped. This choice of colors creates a more contemporary atmosphere that is based on Art Nouveaus past influence. This modern flooring continues to other parts of the apartment, where white shapes and forms in their simplistic mode seem to prevail, thus creating an increased highlight of the floor. According to historians in this area, Art Nouveau artists were interested in avoiding the increased repetition of earlier subject matters and styles. In addition, they wanted to shape the environment through the mixture of all decorative arts. The architects have been successfully used the above-mentioned factors in this apartment since they had wanted to recreate Art Nouveau style but in a contemporary way, as explained earlier.

    Tyche Apartment Flooring, Interiors, and Furniture.

    Values of Contemporary Society that the Design Responds to

    Different values of contemporary society seem to influence the Tyche Apartments, and the main ones include aesthetic and technological values. The former can be observed in the use of colors and the emphasis on decorative and ornamental interiors. This can also be found in the furnishing that features various curved and straight lines for increased aesthetics. One can also observe aesthetic values in the arrangements of shapes, colors, and furniture. For example, in one interior, different shapes on the floor tiles are complemented by the different types of furniture. The neutral colors on the floor are in harmony with the neutral colors on the seats. Warm colors, such as yellow, have been minimally included to emphasize the aesthetic feature of these interiors. Another element of Art Nouveau, which is a contemporary influence, is the emphasis on technological development. This could be seen from the movement itself that emerged during the period of mass production of goods. Therefore, Art Nouveau has embraced manufactured products, which is reflected in the use of numerous manufactured products such as glass vases and other products of interior decorations.

    The Blend of Color and Aesthetic Interiors of Tyche Apartments.


    As mentioned earlier, the primary audience of this interior was the client who had wished to have his holiday apartments renovated to a more contemporary style. The client had to work closely with the architects to make sure that they developed a design that would be pleasing, modern, and still reflect the Art Nouveau influences at the same time. To make this happen, the designers had to renovate and rearrange the entire apartment almost completely. However, the original features were restored, while new components were added to the interior. As mentioned before, the original components that had not undergone any changes were the Catalan Vaults and the windows. The floors also helped in creating a contemporary style just like the client had wished to have. The client also wanted to change the poorly designed space and layout. The longitudinal distribution led to small spaces that created a long corridor. In addition to increasing the space, the client had desired to have a three-bedroom apartment, which was achieved by using the manipulation of space. Other influences on the space were the natural light, which was an important subject in this project. This too greatly influenced the complete renovation and the rearrangement of existing spaces in the apartment.

    How the Interior Relates to The Rest of the Building and/or the Designers Other Work

    The architectures involved in this interior design were CaSA and Margherita Serboli. Specifically, CaSA was represented by two architects - Matteo Colombo and Andrea Serboli. These Italian architects have different backgrounds as they were experienced in public spaces and landscape architecture. Although the Tyche Apartments interiors have been customized to meet the clients wishes, they reflect some of these architects designs, as observed on their website. The architects have a way of renovating old apartments and turning them into beautiful and functional spaces. Their use of neutral colors is also evident in the Tyche Apartments and other designs.

    Other References and Influences on the Space

    Apart from influencing the color, floors, and the aesthetic values of the building, art history seems also to influence the space. As mentioned before, the architects had to free some space from the earlier arrangements to create a more functional one. This was partly an influence of Art Nouveau and the clients wish to have more space in this holiday apartment. The architects have also arranged the rooms to make them more spacious, which can be seen in the limited use of furniture in various rooms. The usage and combinations of neutral colors also seem to create the feeling of large space in this interior.

    Color Blend, Space, and Other Aesthetic Features of Tyche Apartments.

    Technical and Engineering Considerations and/or Constraints

    The only mentioned constraints and engineering considerations are based on the fact that the Tyche Apartment has not been built anew. Instead, the building was renovated, and as mentioned several times earlier, the earlier design had some spatial constraints that the architects had to overcome. Apart from freeing some space, the architects also had to make sure that some Art Nouveau elements were incorporated properly, and they did this by transforming the walls and adding new components. By the end of this renovation, as also mentioned earlier, only a few original features were retained - the Catalan Vaults and the windows woodwork.

    In conclusion, the architects who worked on the recently renovated Tyche Apartments in Barcelona have used many of references from Art Nouveau style. This can be seen in various elements of the apartment such as the choice of neutral colors, which is greatly influenced by the art movement under discussion. This can also be seen in the floors that have different shapes. Apart from the use of shapes by the creators of this design, the simplistic combination of color, shape, and form in the flooring are a direct reference to the Art Nouveau movement. This is further emphasized by the neutral colors on the wall and the arrangement of furniture inside this apartment. Due to all mentioned factors, the apartment is a good example of contemporary aesthetics that has been greatly used by an art style of the past.

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