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RuneScape permits you to cast a spell like a wand

  • Head around to the Grand Tree and ask for the shield. Narnode will regrettably say that it has been stolen! You eventually figure out Glough took it, go to his house and talk with him. When the converstation is finished, he brings in a level 100 Ogre, and two level 37 assasins to attempt to kill you. Kill all three of them and proceed down the steps to Glough OSRS Fire Cape, who's currently attackable. Attack him as he's only level 28 and will just try to kick you. He will shed the Seal of Guthix and the Shield Of Arrav!

    Now, speak with Arrav, and he will tell you to repeat the procedure with Wally's revival. So again, go to the Magic Guild, and also have all your runes ready along with each the seals, the defense and the team. Utilize them to revive all 5 of those amazing souls and a bright light will shine in the room like Guthix, Armadyl, Zamorak, Saradomin and Arrav appear before you. The gods work together and even revive Bandos!

    All provide you access into one, grand weapon, which isn't yet complete. They tell you to enchant it at the abyss, and you'll have the ultimate weapon,'' The Abyssal Godsword. Head over and to the Tree Gnome Village, in which the last battle will occur after your military has defended everywhere else and attacked all the other needed places.

    Again, wear your elitist armor and initiate the battle. Avenge all the souls that expired and be ready for the last battle. You have to kill 40 zombies, 20 Imps, 50 goblins, 10 ogres, and 15 daggonoths. Then, restock to the last battle, the battle with Zamouregal OSRS Buy Gold. The gods and Arrav can assist you in this battle by supplying you unlimited prayer, hitpoints, level 300 strength, attack, defence, ranged, magic and summoning.