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I know how much it costs to update the runescape game

  • All I wanted was some compassionate person who would purchase me things on the G.E. I asked someone to buy me items off the G.E. and then either sell them for the same amount as mine Old School RuneScape Gold, or earn a profit of 10k. I then went to Runescape C.C merchanting clan chats and met the G.Es from worlds 1 and 3 and a few other worlds, and got the exact opposite reaction.

    After searching for 8 hours for help, I found only 2 people who were willing to assist me. After eight hours of seeking help, I only found 2 people who were kind enough to help me. Note: Yesterday, I bought 3M worth of Green D'Hide bodies from another person with no hesitation. Everything ran flawlessly.

    Second note: I have evidence that I am able pay for the expenses with over 6M cash as well as nature runes. Also I own an Santa Hat on me which I have been lending for 24 hours to Sals CC members while I wasn’t playing RuneScape. What happened to Sals? What happened to Sals?

    Runescape is full of forgotten locations, as many of you already know. It could be because there hasn't been a graphic update in a while, or it might simply be because it doesn't have anything to do there Buy OSRS Accounts. Another issue is that cities and towns are too small to be bothered with sometimes or simply being weird.