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Each port in Runescape can be docked at

  • Pures could have a huge amount of combat-experience with a variety of stats like Strength OSRS Accounts, Ranged and Magic at 99, but being level 75-85. This was something I found odd and unnatural. I still think so, but it was important to differentiate Pures from other players. I resorted to two factors here; the name, and also the clothes they wore.

    If their name was something along the lines of "Xmxrng3pkX" (if you're not able to type it), and their combat level was very low, I might be able to separate them as potential pure. I then examined the clothing they were wearing. If it was Ranged gear or alching, I knew they could be pure.

    Combaters are players who focus on the combat stats more than the skill stats. They could be wearing the exact same as a maxed stat player, but may have 500-600 less total levels and a lot less experience with combat-related skills. To address this issue, I found a magical place called the hiscores, surely this would solve all my problems? Then I was aware of the stats of the player. I could tell if they were skiller pure, combater, or regular well-balanced player.

    The Merchants. They could fall under any of the four categories mentioned above. However, sometimes they can be level 70 or more with massive sums of money and immense power over an economy Buy RS 3 Gold. I didn't know what to make of these individuals at the time, and I do not know what to think of them.