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Ja'Marr Chase isn't the top-rated rookie WR on Madden NFL 22

  • Rival Christian McCaffrey on the Panthers has been awarded the best running back accolades with a 97 rating madden coins, which, given his injury-stricken 2020 campaign, is honestly absurd. CMC only played in three games last season. He nevertheless ran for 225 yards and scored five touchdowns but it was only three games. Talk about a tiny sample size.

    Henry however, on the other his side, started 16 out of 16 and led the league in runs attempted (378) and yards rushing (2,027), rushing touchdowns (17), touches (397) and yards from the line of scrimmage (2,141). No running back from the league has played as well like Henry in the past two years, CMC included.

    Even in his most successful years, McCaffrey had fewer total yards, fewer yards for each running, and fewer touchdowns than Derrick Henry did in 2020. Henry is the most likely to take home the title of rushing champion in the coming season. Simply said, McCaffrey is not ahead of Henry next season due to the fact that there is no objective metric. McCaffrey's injury should actually be considered to be a drawback.

    Titans' Derrick Henry tied for second place with the highest RB rating in Madden NFL 22. McCaffrey is still the top running back, as per video games. McCaffrey is a better receiver than Henry (2,672 receiving yards, but, whatever). Though he's a highly skilled player however it's not only the one measure in which CMC can outdo Henry buy Madden 22 coins. The EA Sports directors were at least rational enough to take off a few points from McCaffrey's 1999 rating last season.