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That is the point at which I thought the time had come to make

  • This is a way to bring back the old economic system. The old economy was one in which most skills could be used to make a profit regardless of the amount they cost OSRS Accounts. The same method of boycott that I used earlier can be used to lower the costs to a point at which skilled professionals who've been working hard to reach these levels, will be able make more money than someone who has been cutting wood for just 4 days.

    This might seem to be a lot however it's not impossible. History repeats itself. This is not only for this universe, but also for the alternative one where most of us have lived at least a few more years. It's also better than no trade fluctuation whatsoever. (Jagex has a tendency to make swift decisions when in danger. The wild.

    Your questions are appreciated, however I am unable to answer them as quickly as I can. But, I'll be happy to answer them. Thank you for your time, and if you wish to begin the fight against these price manipulators, spread the word, and create the unions. I'm not able to be active for longer than a couple of minutes these days and therefore, I will not be able to lead the fight myself but I do wish to impart this knowledge upon you everyone.

    In the past, a thread was created. It was called "Skill Capes: Are they destroying Runescape?" The thread was about weather skill caps Buy RuneScape 2007 Gold, which are becoming increasingly controversial in Runescape.