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That Runescape is as strong and as powerful as it has ever been

  • Hello I'm among those people that HAVE to be aware of what's happening around them (not the business of others, no, I'm not nosy ) but how things work. I've been selling bows made of willow (u) to the general stores since they can't purchase the bows for 83gp each RS Gold 2007. This means I earn 16gp per willowlong (u) and stores sell it to me for 64gp per pound. What is the general store's function? Does it sell for four times what it cost to buy?

    But, I noticed on some fanites that they have items that have the same low alch earnings that are that are sold to general shops. But this is not applicable to the willow long (u). If you lower alch them, they will cost 64 gp ea, but 16 gp per ounce when you sell it to general store, the STORE will sell at 64 gp ea. I was wondering whether there's an equation that is applicable to all items sold in the general store, or is there an exception to specific items.

    I was thinking about it and I looked around the item databases of many websites...This one website stated that it costed 0 gp to buy an Armadyl godsword from the general store which is definitely not possible therefore I'm guessing they meant N/A or were they saying that you can't buy it from the store?

    Many other items that are common like bows and other items appear to follow the "multiply by 4" rule like when you sell it for one gp, then they sell it at 4 gp and etc. So to ensure that I don't become angry, please tell me what the rule is for every item Buy RS 2007 Fire Cape. Or I might just start selling my stuff to the general shop and then buying them all over again.