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I'm mindful of the cost associated with running a revive of Run

  • It depends on what you intend to do. A stronger strength is usually employed by those who use pk/duels RuneScape Gold. Range and mage can be identical, but they won't alter your combat skill until one of them takes over your combat in melee. Normal - oak and willows are usually the preferred choice to learn woodcutting. I could sell oaks, but willows I would use for making fire.

    Do you prefer prayers or just straight levels of atk/str/def? This is your choice. Personally, I would like to have more prayer , so I would visit hill giants. In the years after 40, I would suggest hill giants for more prayer , and flesh crawlers, as previously mentioned. The situation will not change until the 50s when moss giants could be an option to replace hill giants. When you reach the sixties, you may want to consider the security spider's stronghold.

    Okay, I'm in need of the majority of the basic stuff, I'll share what equipment I'm thinking of and if you could modify it for me, that would be awesome, and please let me know the procedure I've got a rough idea , but some experience could help. My stats are 87 Magic and 80 defense and the 83 Hitpoints. If these statistics aren't enough, I'll likely train them, so let me know.

    Additionally, I'm aware that soloing Rex could involve the killing of prime and supreme, therefore my range of at 79 (80 easily), and the strength and attack levels are 82. I'm mostly doing this to earn money, so should rex be considered a poor choice for cash any more, it would be interesting to know also.

    If you're using the Burstinglobs chat with friends There's always one who's hybrid and requires a mage who is a solo player to take out Rex for them while they take out Supreme as well as Prime RS 2007 Items. This means you do not need to be concerned about Prime or Supreme while you're there, unless one of you is a failure in what you're doing.