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Seemingly one of the easiest RuneScape capabilities

  • Is it possible for someone to play Melee pk quite well? ( and what's the best equipment to accomplish that RuneScape Gold?) Are it possible to make the Amulet of Str useless now? ( I'm not sure of the whole crit idea) Thank you for spending the time to answer my question.

    Therefore, I am creating the list of Adventures for my next skill log. I am unsure at this time what I really want to pursue. I'm hoping to avoid "getting the 99!" because I'm not like that haha. I prefer more tangible goals/etc over getting a 99.

    One Adventure I do KNOW that I am not sure about is divination. I'm not a fan, however, I need to train it at least some...I would like to keep it off until they can come up with better experience training styles for it haha. (I'm considering 48-70 as the ideal goal to achieve at present)

    Another Adventure I'm somewhat interested in is trying the new boss fights with instanced ( * KK etc) even if it's on the easiest level right now. Another adventure that I've put off but which I would like to accomplish is 110 dungeoneering ( about 105ish at the moment? ) It will take me some time as I'm solo.

    To go along with the dungeoneering process, I'll also try out this task master that I've heard a lot about. After four items though..I require more suggestions. I am aiming for around 8-10 ideas total RS Gold 2007. I'm not sure what to suggest , as I'm not sure what it is you're most comfortable with, however, here's a list with random goals I have that might help you get some ideas.