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Battle is the primary component in Lost Ark

  • So if you only got the one elemental talent you could apply, for instance a character like Barbara with a single use and high cooldown Lost Ark Boosting, she'd never be able to gain enough value that weapon really give it a value," he said. "If you aren't able to get this bonus, you are being left out of a huge amount to damage!"

    The YouTuber explained that most elemental skills are subject to cooldowns, which block your DMG bonus. "When you're using the ability you have you'll get more damage. Also, if it'sn't some kind of turret making damage, or if you've used four times of your ability, you'll be able increase your damage by three times and you won't be able to get that damage value when you're currently on cooldown."

    He also warned that the weapon doesn't fully perform for the majority of characters. "An illustration of this is Sucrose. As long as she is C1, she gets one use of her E power. Following that, she gets two cool. But you're now being cooled down.

    This means you won't be able to continue dishing some damage with your innate skills. What character could benefit from this? Klee but not really? Lisa? Not at all! This weapon is designed for Yae Miko. It is made for Yae Miko, but only in its current state."

    Contrary to other heroes Yae Miko has the ability to throw three rods that resemble turrets and continuously deliver damage Buy Lost Ark Gold. This utilizes Kagura's unique strength boost. Genshin Impact Yae Miko web event details