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Madden is relied upon to perform more in the approaching season

  • What's hilarious with Madden -- which happens to be the only NFL certified video gaming franchise Madden 22 coins, now 34 years going -- is that despite its massive popularity, you only hear about is complaints from people who are against it.

    The biggest complaint, echoed time and time again, is that each year's updated version is a slight upgrade over the last. Since EA Sports has the exclusive license, it is the sole company that has the ability to develop a "simulation-style" NFL game. Thus springs an argument that EA Sports is under no pressure to meaningfully improve the game every year.

    In the year 2020, a massive Twitter campaign urged the league to sign EA as its official partner- #NFLDropEA. But despite the outrage from social media that also included coordinated review bombing of games' Metacritic website, Madden 21 sales were way up. The Madden 22 of this year Madden 22 did well, too, and the Madden series continues to be the best-selling ever in the history of sports.

    The critics hail from the minority that is vocal, but the job of a minority is to be extremely vocal. We're talking about YouTubers, who earn their living through stream and record themselves while playing a game they say they don't like.

    The diversity of YouTuber focuses speaks to just how massive the game today. There are YouTubers such as Belton who share videos of themselves playing in various games; there's an array of YouTubers uploading tips and tricks buy madden coins, then there are those dedicated to playing Madden.