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What's the most annoying thing about Runescape?

  • People wearing full-rune armour (chainmail if you haven't completed Dragon Slayer), are frequently asked dumb questions such as "How do they get wool balls?" "How do I get silver bars?" Have these people seriously not played before? When I ask them if their account is on RuneScape Gold someone else's account, they reply that they've played for a long time.

    Sorry I'm not sure if this is a common situation that happens nowadays, but I seriously cannot believe these players who have at least a fair amount of experience of playing, but do not have a basic understanding of stuff like this. Have they been playing for days/weeks/months/years and not known any sense of direction/what they are doing and have just been following people the ENTIRE TIME!

    I'm talking about my youth, back when there was no GE. Instead the people would gather in Varrock castle's gardens and shout "Press 22 for complete rune armour." After having a look around, I finally understood what the GE was. Rant over.

    Hi everyone! I think cutting the yews in Dranyor could be a great source of income for F2P gamers. There are four and a bank just a few meters away. You can also cut yews within the area of the grand exchange. Three banks are nearby. You should be aware that these areas could be crowded, so you should globe hop until you locate the most suitable spot.

    Another option is to extract rune essence from varrock (you'll need to finish the quest Rune Mysteries). A bank is located close to Buy OSRS Gold the rune shop, where you can be teleported. You can sell rune essence, or make rune, and then sell it.