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"The Empty Lord" was a god of great power

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    "... With the communication portal back up, Azzanadra was able to speak to Zaros again! "The order is now back in balance. You've heard that Zamorak can only be described as a pretender-god. It's not good for balance for mortals to assume this power. So, the new quest, "The Temple at Senntisten" is out, the next part of the Mahjarrat storyline. Guess who's returning?

    It is true that Zaros The Empty Lord will be reborn. What are his real motives? What is his plan to come back? As you might or may not be aware, Zaros was betrayed in the latter part of the Second Age by Zamorak and his warriors. Through a series of events Zamorak managed to get the Staff of Armadyl. It was the weapon Zaros sought to strengthen him in the face of the combined might of all Gods. Zaros used it to remove Zaros from another world and to take some of Zaros’ power to himself and make him a god. The Curse of Zaros (AKA Ghostly Robes) Miniquest will provide more details.

    "The Empty Lord" was a god of great power. He was more powerful than other awake gods at the time. Zamorak was only a mortal. He was a Mahjarrat warrior to the end and with all the power and potential, yet still mortal. You don't see Zamorak fighting. He was fighting for Buy RuneScape 2007 Gold his kingdom.