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All RuneScoop regular memberships are cancelled

  • Retirement: I'm sorry, but I've decided to OSRS Items stop working at RuneScoop immediately. I am also "retiring from RuneScape.There are many reasons why this is the case however I won't bore you all with them all. I haven't played RuneScape in years. Although I occasionally feel the need to log on, I no longer enjoy the feeling of "accomplishing" useless tasks in a fictional world.

    I've been playing RuneScape since 2007, mainly because it was valuable and I love helping others. I hoped I could create a sustainable business model for the site and justifiably justify the time and effort required to create quality content. I'm not able to do this because of the current economic crisis and my son starting college.

    Here are the specifics of what will happen: The site is not being removed It will be "mothballed" to keep it in place. I have added a disclaimer to each page warning players that the information could be outdated or could become outdated in the future. The RuneScoop forum community will remain open and active as long as the players wish it to remain so.

    All RuneScoop regular memberships are cancelled. This will prevent future costs. Members who are currently members will be able to access the members version, for as long as it's accessible. In addition, since I do not feel like I've met my end of the bargain, anyone who purchased an annual membership may email me to cancel their current membership. They will get a full or partial refund as they see fit.

    Thanks again to all who played and supported the site and best of Buy Old School RuneScape Gold luck in your future RuneScape adventures! It is difficult to make a living playing Runescape.