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The graphics are pretty good for a web game

  • Concerning the world map I am awestruck by what they did with OSRS Items the new update. They added the edges. Although there is always room for improvement, getting rid of the ugly lines around their edges has made the look much more rounded and more rational.

    The next step is to remove the fencing. I haven't been yet to Al Kharid but I like the design of the map. The starter zone is a great idea. Then shrink Draynor Manor so that it is in line with the rest of Scale Theory.

    Here's a slightly different version of the debate. Scale Theory could be made to be applicable to all locations on the globe. Draynor Manor represents the actual size, while Draynor Village represents a fraction. Draynor Village is about the same size as a village but the Clan Camp is too large in relation to Falador's size. There are many more.

    The only area that I believe it makes sense to expand to a proper size is during quests and therefore on the edges of the map. Either you have plenty of wasted space (forests as I mentioned earlier), or you don't. Some of the large-scale objects such as Draynor Manor and the Clan Camp aren't suited to the already crowded f2p area.

    Runescape is an game that has been the subject of 5 critiques. These criticisms were made outside of the Runescape community, and also to the wider gaming community. Graphics are horrible. This problem has been mostly solved. The graphics are pretty good for Buy RuneScape Gold a web game. Lots of hackers and scammers. Jagex's hardwork made it easy to make areas outside of the wilderness foolproof.