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What are your thoughts on this new type of RWT?

  • Portable Forge/Range/Well/Sawmill. I don't know much about them, but it sounds like something that would come from the future skills of RuneScape Gold the Inventor. Jagex has been developing new RWT products, which include features that are not available through normal gameplay. It could be the next direction of RWT. Are you thinking? What are your thoughts on this new type of RWT?

    The trending of SOF/Treasure Hunter is not well-liked by long-time players. However, variations of it exist in almost online game you can think of, and Jagex does need to make some money, considering their player base has decreased so much, with all their bots have taken out of commission and everyone who has quit the game, whatever the reason. In fact, they stayed out longer than other games I have played, and they ought to get some credit for.

    I recall thinking to myself that I would never spend money on the game, unless it was for my membership. I was a victim of this temptation, and I purchased bank space which is essential for those who are questers or long-time players with tons of non-tradeable goods or items that are difficult to reget when dropped.

    Music boxes make star mining more enjoyable for your friends. They're also affordable. There are still some treasure hunter-related items I'd like to have such as the divination gear however, I'm not purchasing spins.

    In regards to certain rewards on the spinnys, I do remember Mod Mark saying he was not happy with Buy RuneScape 2007 Gold the silverhawk boots, which were an obvious ingame benefit. One wouldn't want boring agility exp simply by walking around. I hope they attempt to remain in line with the spirit of the game, and not release more of those kinds of things.