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This will enable you to modify your scouting group

  • When the October title update comes out, Player Scouting will deliver many requests from fans. EA presented the new scouting feature coming to Madden 22's Franchise back at Mut 22 coins EA Play Live last summer. They spoke about national and regional scouting options as well as deep-dive reports. These include player physicals, traits, ratings, mock drafts and the live media scoutingboard, which includes up-to-date projections.

    The delay may be difficult to take, EA did provide a deeper dive into scouting and I'll admit, it definitely looks like an improvement over the current system in place. EA has shared the blog on how to use Franchise mode for scouting.

    The first week of Scouting is Week 1. You will be able to see the draft class in place and view the National Region of the Region Breakdown Map to see the draft class. You will be able to discover the overall strengths and weaknesses of each draft class. This will enable you to modify your scouting group (hire firefighters, re-assign Scouts) to allow them to be more in line with your initial assessment of the draft class.

    If cornerbacks are a strength in the Southeast then assign the scout that is experienced with cornerbacks in order to maximize the advantages. Five of your scouts have your responsibility to optimize them so that you can find draft-worthy gems.

    EA stated that those who aren't necessarily interested in buy Madden 22 coins controlling their scouts' activities, can just "set the goal and leave it." There's no reason to be penalized for interacting with Scouting.There are a few important dates that you should keep at a close eye all through the year.