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I'd like to see this available for free in the near future

  • Food should not drain adrenaline imo, in an era where the healing properties of RuneScape Gold food can be used in everyday combat, there must be more motivation to people to make use of food. It is also absurd that sara beers do not drain adrenaline, but food can. Sara beers also provide no offensive enhancements similar to food.

    Personally, I'd like to see this available for free in the near future. If not, we'll end up in the same situation as when magic longbows or shortbow specs are accidentally made available at no cost. Additionally, beta testing is free so we don't need to pay for anything.

    If you're planning to play RS3 simply pick up the place you started. It will not change the fact that you need to start a foundation in the first few weeks or months. It'll be easier to master the latest content on an account you're semi-familiar with, and being able to jump straight into the action without having to worry about purchasing the necessary equipment or anything else will greatly increase your chances of being able to discover the new features to be user-friendly.

    According to me, creating a new account in "Newscape" is a tedious process and may make it difficult for you to being able to return for a long period of time. I've recently returned to my account for what seems like the thousandth time but this time, I've got a new outlook and eagerness to learn.

    I was playing for over ten years with basic stats (70 across every board) However, after trying EOC and learning the game again the excitement I experienced when playing PVM's was something I had never experienced in Buy RuneScape Gold any previous releases. Another problem I see with the EOC is the fact that others are jumping on the bandwagon to voice their views.