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This means that they're not able changed

  • Once you're on the "Hotkeys" menu, scroll down to Lost Ark Gold find the section labeled "Basic Controls." If you scroll over, you'll notice two boxes in red with an icon of the mouse within them. Additionally, you'll see the lock icon in front of these boxes. This means that they're not able changed.

    Even if your mouse's controls are locked, don't fret, you'll have the option to explore your settings further and you'll see an option "Attack with Right-click" just a few boxes further. Switch this box on or off based on which mouse button you prefer you to use.

    If you select the "Attack with right-click" option is on then you'll navigate, interact, and even pick up objects using the left mouse button. If it's toggled off then you'll use the left-click when attacking and right-click to do everything else.

    The first steps you'll take when you're establishing your control strategy during Lost Ark is deciding whether you'd like to use left-click or right-click as the standard attack button. Even though this decision might appear permanent initially, especially with the way some of the game's options are displayed, there are ways to alter your mouse's controls within your game options.

    In fact, Lost Ark has a very well-designed system that allows players to Buy Lost Ark Boosting assign their buttons and customize how they play around different types of gameplay. Still, mouse controls are more difficult than most hotkeys to maximize.