Xinyu Enamel Aluminum Wire (Welding Note)


    Precautions for welding of Enameled Aluminum Wire:

    1. Since aluminum has a relatively low melting point and is easily melted into the solder pot, when welding a small diameter aluminum enamel wire (below 0.4mm), the temperature should be controlled within 300 °C, lowering The melting speed of the aluminum wire avoids the embrittlement of the aluminum wire and does not use high temperature tin for welding.

    2, aluminum enameled wire must be stripped paint, stripping can use mechanical (scratch paint, paint remover) and chemical (paint stripping, stripping water) two kinds of stripping method, it is recommended to use chemical stripping, chemical stripping After that, the solder joints should be fully rinsed; try not to use mechanical methods to remove the paint, which is easy to scratch the aluminum wire and produce burrs, thus reducing the toughness.

    3, because of the instability of aluminum, so you need to paint immediately, welding immediately, do not let the aluminum enamel wire end of the stripping paint contact with the air for a long time to avoid oxidation, usually it is necessary to weld within 5 hours after stripping. If there is no welding, it needs to be cut off and stripped again.

    4. At the same time, the stripping length can be determined according to the length of the welding, that is, how long the welding should be long to avoid the exposure of the aluminum to the air, leaving hidden dangers to the solder joint.

    5. In the dip soldering, shake it gently 2 to 3 times in the solder pot to avoid air bubbles.

    6. The connection of the aluminum enameled wire and the lead wire should be wound around the copper wire with a small arc, which can reduce the occurrence of false welding and improve the welding strength.

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