Xinyu Tell You Some Information About the Enameled Wire


    Since the 19th century, electric vehicles have been second-class citizens of gasoline-powered cars. All this changed in 2017, when the Tesla Model S P100DL took away the spotlight and crown from every high-performance car currently produced. It entered the history at the fastest speed ever (2.275 seconds) at 0 to 60 miles per hour.

    However, without the key role that enameled wire play in the Tesla electric engine, this revolutionary feat will be just a dream. Xinyu manufactures and maintains enameled wires in the world, making creative discovery a historical reality. The application of electromagnetic wire-based motors in automobiles is the future of automobile transportation. Higher performance combined with a lighter carbon footprint has an undeniable appeal to consumers, manufacturers and society as a whole.

    The unique combination of properties of aluminum wire makes it a versatile material when used with various metal alloys. In addition to its light weight, the aluminum alloy also includes excellent workability and corrosion resistance inherent to the inert oxide coating formed directly after exposure to air. Many of the 1000 to 5000 series of alloys are not heat treated, and their strength depends on the amount of cold work done.

    In the 5056 alloy, the addition of magnesium as the primary alloying agent increases its initial tensile strength. Alloy 6061 is a heat treatable alloy provided in annealing or strain quenching. The end user can achieve maximum tensile strength through multi-step heat treatment. Aluminum 1350, also known as electrical conductor aluminum, is the main alloy used in aluminum magnet wires. Its light weight, high thermal conductivity, and high quality conductivity (more than twice that of copper) make it an ideal replacement for copper on certain windings. Most film insulation can be used on aluminum wires.

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