Are you looking forward to Adidas Yeezy 500 Salt?

  • The suede part of the upper is khaki, Adidas Yeezy 500 Salt is similar to the first color matching "Blush", but the upper mesh and the sole part are light gray, even a little bit greenish, it can be clearly seen that the color of the suede is different, this is The biggest difference with "Blush". But in different light, the chromatic aberration may not be so obvious, like the previous physical map looks almost the same as the first color. Last month, there was news that the YEEZY 500 will usher in a new pair of "Salt" color schemes, and this time the YEEZY MAFIA account will bring you this color rendering. Continuing the YEEZY 500's highly recognizable "Dad Shoe" retro running shoes, the new color scheme will be based on gray, with suede leather and mesh material, and a unique adiPRENE+ cushioning midsole .

    Yeezy 500 relies on its unique shoe type and grandpa's own appeal, and has a lot of powder after the sale. Many friends who Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Butter are not in the shoe circle have paid more attention to it! After entering the autumn and winter, the appearance rate of Yeezy 500 on the street is also steadily increasing, and the market price of the first Blush color matching and all black Utility Black also rises, and the price of the female size is higher than that of the male! There is a highly recognizable retro style, and there is a good trend of the charm, the girls are particularly handsome and generous, so they are very popular among girls. In addition, the size of the women's size is smaller than that of the men's, so there is a "Salt" that is similar to the first color of the female model. Since the exposure, it has gained the most popular color, waiting for nearly two After the month, finally there was a official release. The color scheme inherits the earthy color style that Kanye West has always admired, similar to the moonlight gray of the Yeezy 350. With a refreshing gray-green tone for single rendering, the low saturation chromaticity brings a very low-key visual experience, and the effect on the foot is undoubtedly beyond doubt!

    Adidas Yeezy 500's fourth color matching "Salt" has recently appeared in a new physical map. After many people have seen it in the previous exposures, they feel that the color matching "Blush" is a pair of shoes. More, the Nike Air VaporMax 2.0 White Black difference between these two pairs of colors is becoming more and more obvious. The main color of the Yeezy 500 not only has a retro old-fashioned shoe shape, but also has a versatile character, a unique shape and a personality, which is loved by many trendy men and women, even those who do not play sneakers. They are very popular, the first "Blush" is the most popular, and the upcoming "Salt" gives the person who has not yet started another chance. The upper is made up of mesh and suede. Although the color is similar to that of “Blush”, it can be clearly seen that the shoes are darker in color, more gray and greener, and more temperamental. It should be A good match for two people,