BQ6472-002 Air Jordan 1 Mid SE Come With Black Colorways

  • Recently, the Air Jordan 1 Mid brought a lot of new color matching, although many people think that the Air Jordan 1 Mid is far from the Air Jordan 1, but if you really like it, don't care too much. Recently, a pair of pure black patent leather for girls. The Air Jordan 1 Mid has just appeared. The whole shoes are mainly made of black, and the whole upper is made of patent leather. It has a unique luster and the texture is outstanding. It is estimated that many boys have to watch it!

    The first exposure was picked up by Pharrell and officially met in Beijing. After half a year, the Pharrell Williams x adidas Originals BYW X finally came on sale. With a calm black color as the keynote, the details are colorful and colorful, quite a Philippine style. Combined with the classic "Tianzu" concept, this BYW X is equipped with a full-boost Boost midsole and is often seen in the NBA.

    This year's Air Max Day, the Air Max 270, has definitely infused a new vitality into the sneakers. The appearance of the street is not low, and all kinds of handsome and handsome feet, let everyone feel the new members of the Air Max family. unique charm. The Nike Air Max 720, considered to be the highlight of Air Max Day next year, has gained a lot of attention from sneaker players since its exposure! The latest exposure to the new color comes from Nike's classic sunset color scheme, as well as a sci-fi purple grape color scheme. The body is edgy and the outsole is wrapped in a large area of ​​720°, from the soles to the shoes. Watching from the side, there is a good visual impact. It is worth mentioning that the newly designed 360 degree air cushion with a thickness of 3.8 cm is 0.5 cm more than the Air Max 270 launched this year. At the same time, 75% of air-cushion materials come from recyclable materials, emphasizing sustainable use and implementing environmental protection concepts.


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