Feng Shui Triple Turtle Family Buy Online for Vastu Protection

  • Pandit NM Shrimali says The tortoise is one of the four celestial animals is regarded much by the Chinese people and the believers as the generator of the harmony, sustenance and perseverance. It is a very important item in the Feng shui landscaping. Shrimali Ji says, If a tortoise is displayed in the north sector of the premises then the person will get good rewards from this creature. There are two generations of the offspring of the tortoise back and as a Fengshui symbol it represents excellent descendent Luck and depicts the success that a man can get if a man starts a family with his partner.

    According to Pandit Ji Tortoise can be used as a Fengshui triple turtle family item at home or office for The Tortoise provides good luck, good health and long life for all the members of the family if it is installed in the eastern part of the house. If it is kept at the main entrance facing outside it protects the family members against the illness and oncoming dangers and protects them against potential dangers of the accident. If the tortoise is placed at the top of the bed then it helps to prevent anxieties related to sleep and insomnia, it also calms the children afraid of sleeping alone. This Fengshui item acts as a guardian to the person who beholds it.