Buy Online Rudraksha Mala रुद्राक्ष माला (BIG)

  • Pandit NM Shrimali explains, "Japa" is a Sanskrit word which means chanting a word repetitively or the recital of the hymns. Japa also refers to the mediation which is performed while keeping a focus on a particular object of divinity. A spiritual rosary or Rudraksha Mala is required for the practice of Meditation, as it acts as a meditation aid. A Japa Mala has 108 beads for counting and one bead which is known as a Bindu. Malas are a medium to concentrate and focus on the Mantra which we are chanting. They are used to make our mind focus the attention is drawn on the sound of the mantra and we can become focused on meditation, which helps in removing unwanted negative thoughts and distractions.