Buy Online Kanakdhara Yantra (कनकधारा यन्त्र) -Pandit NM Shrima

  • As per Pandit NM Shrimali, We all are very worried about an economic downturn in life. Want to do everything possible to get the money. Kanakadhara Yantra described in the Puranas for a wealth accumulation and miraculously benefits.

    Guru maa told The specialty of this yantra is that it does not demand any kind of special garland, chanting, worship, law, but it is enough to read it once a day. Also, it is necessary to set up lamp and incense sticks in front of it every day.

    If one forgets it any day, it can not be obstructed because it is considered a consciousness due to being a true mantra. Here is the Sanskrit text and Hindi translation of Kanakdhara Stotra. You just have to take Kanakdhara from anywhere and put it in the house.

    The basic meaning of Kanakdhara is a flow of Gold. Establishing it at Home can open the ways to great destiny for the whole family. Many ways of earning will open up suddenly just like a river of gold has been positioned to the house.

    This Yantra helps in getting great wealth, prosperity and luck. It is said that in Vedic India millionaires used this Yantra to become billionaires. To Buy Online Kanakdhara Yantra (कनकधारा यन्त्र) only for Rs 400/.


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