Parad(Mercury) Laxmi Charan Paduka | Pandit NM Shrimali

  • Wherever Lakshmi Charan Paduka is established, problems are destroyed from there. With its establishment, it ends Dhanabhav and increases fixed money wealth. It is also auspicious to paste it at the house, shop, office or anywhere. According to the scriptures, there are sixteen auspicious signs at the feet of Mahalakshmi.

    This symbol is the 16 sign present in the two paws of Asht Lakshmi, which is a symbol of 16 arts. In the scriptures, Mother Lakshmi is also called as Shodoshi. These sixteen arts are 1.Annamaya, 2.Pranamaya, 3. Manomaya, 4.Viganjamiya, 5. Anandamaya, 6.Attiini, 7.Vipararinbhimi, 8.Suncumini, 9.Abhabhavi, 10.Kuthini, 11.Vikasini, 12 MaydayDini, 13.Sanaladini, 14.Ahhadini, 15.Perfect, 16.Superative.It is said that the feet of Mata Lakshmi should be placed in-house, that it is said to remain in the house.

    Put the feet of Lakshmi in the direction that you keep money in the house. Lakshmi Charan Padukka brings happiness and prosperity, wealth and wealth of Goddess Mother Goddess Lakshmi, for the intimate residence of her feet, the great significance of her step Paduka is found in our Vedas, because where there are the steps of Lakshmi, happiness and prosperity will prevail.

    Lakshmi Charan Paduka is a symbol of the feet of the mother Lakshmi. It should be established in the worship room, home, business and office for getting more money. On this special lotus flower, Virajit Lakshmi Charan Padukha should be installed at the Mahanishya night of Deepawali on the night of Lakshmi Pooja at the temple of your house, then tilak kumkum on them, burning the lamp of flame and flame of ghee and chanting the mantra given below. 5 Times. The mantras are as follows: Om Shree Mahalaxmayai Namah.


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