Black Vaijanti Mala Buy Online In Low Price | Pandit NM Shrimal

  • As per pandit NM Shrimali, Ancient books have been described as great glory in connection with Vaijayanti Mala. This garland was given to Krishna by a beggar, so Krishna was very dear to this garland. This garland is made from Vaijanti seeds. It is used in pooja, yagna, havan, and tantra vidhya. By the way, every human can wear it, but for the Laxmi devotees and devotees of Vaishnava, this garland is very great.

    As per Guru Maa, on the first Friday of the Shukla Paksha, chant meditation of 'Om Namah Bhagwate Vasudev' at least 108 times, then in a temple, give sweet food to the poor, then this garland should be worn. If there is a continuous hindrance in the marriage of a boy or girl, then regularly chant one of the garlands of 'Om Namah Bhagwate Vasudev' mantra from Vaijayanti Mala and worship banana trees.

    By doing so, all kinds of obstacles in marriage are eliminated and soon the marriage of the person is completed. Shri Krishna is also said to be Mohan that wherever he used to go, he would have loved by all. The enemy starts behaving emotionally by holding on to it. Wearing the Black Vaijanti Mala increases respect, success in the work and achieves mental peace.

    If children are afraid before examinations, then children get to benefit from wearing a Vaijayanti garland. At the time of the crisis, throw away the breath and then putting a hand on the garland, by that every kind of fear is overcome.


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