Sunela Stone (सुनेला रत्न) Buy Online in India - Pandit NM Shri

  • According to Pandit NM Shrimali’s astrology, Sonela is related to Ratna Guru and it has authority over Sagittarius and Pisces. According to Western astrology, it is the Bird Stone of Sagittarius zodiac. This is the Top Ratna of Pukhraj.

    Therefore, wearing it gives better GURU related benefits, honor is attained, decision-making ability develops an interest in social work increases. By wearing this precious stone, all gains related to the guru are obtained.

    It is helpful in increasing wealth and respect. This means that wearing Sonela increases the chances of getting economic benefits. As per Guru Maa if the person holding this stone, becomes mentally healthy and strong and also performs better in the field of education, justice and study material.

    It is said that the students going to higher education should take the Sunela Stone. It also helps in keeping the liver and sugar in control.


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