Cancer कर्क राशिफल 2019 Check out for Free | Pandit NM Shrimali

  • The fate of Mars is indicating the work of yours for you. The fourth sight of Mars from the place of fortune is lying on your zodiac. In your zodiac, Rahu is sitting. Seeing Rahu from Mars in the fourth view, Angarak is creating a fault. There are indications that you will get a promotion, you will also get lucky with him, but he will not get any effort. You have to work hard for this.

    If you were hesitant about taking any decision related to work, then you can feel free to move forward. However, the number of people who are jealous of you from your promotion is also expected to increase. In the last days of the month of March, *** Guru will change the Jupiter zodiac sign with your zodiac sign in sixth place. It can be time to give you a new identity. Hopefully, you can do this at the moment. After some time the guru's trick will be curved and he will be in the fifth house again. At this time you can see a slow down in your work.


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