The brisk market for green pipes leads to demand exceeding supp


    With the development of science and technology, people's quality of life is continuously improving, and people's awareness of self-care is also continuously increasing. Green pollution-free radiation is our concern. Therefore, plastic hoses, called green pipes, are increasingly favored by modern urbanites who pursue healthy and fashionable life and quickly become hot sale water hose.

    At present, drinking water and food-related equipment and safety are the focus of people's attention. Metal pipes are prone to rust, corrosion, leakage, scaling and other defects. Bacteria carried by tap water in polluted pipelines are like invisible killers that threaten people's health from time to time. High - quality plastic pipes with green as the main body are used without rust, corrosion, leakage and scaling.

    According to experts on building materials, green pipes produced in China can be used for building water supply and radiant heating. Compared with other plastic pipes, it is more suitable for indoor small-diameter water supply pipes, radiant heating and floor heating, indoor low-pressure gas pipes and so on, and is widely used in current life. Therefore, the active marketing trend of green pipes has led to the oversupply of many varieties, becoming a new growth point in the national economy and laying a solid foundation for people's health. According to market surveys, the output of these green pipes has continuously increased in recent years.

    According to market research, due to the rising market demand for these green pipes, the market is very unstable and the quality, output and price fluctuate greatly. However, after several years of fierce market competition and industry integration, some small factories with poor equipment level, small production lines, small output and low quality have successively withdrawn from the market, so that the market will maintain a stable development trend.

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