High quality garden hose ensures our personal safety

  • Everyone who thinks of a hose will think of the garden hose that we use in our lives. Why are garden hoses a part of our lives? Because we can't live without water, garden hoses will become the "darlings" of our lives. The garden hose is made of PVC resin powder, paraffin and other raw materials. It is a soft and light high quality garden hose.

    When you use the garden hose, did you suddenly burst? Have you ever had an impact on personal safety? Why is the garden hose broken and layered? Next, let's analyze why the garden hose is broken. Let our personal safety be guaranteed.

    Reason 1: The reason for the detonation of the garden hose may be that the quality of the hose is not good, and the quality of the raw material with too much quality is excessive, so that the deflection of the garden hose and the bursting pressure are linearly reduced. When using a garden hose, the garden hose will stop working when it is pulled out. Otherwise, an emergency will occur, which has a great impact on personal safety.

    Reason 2: When you buy a garden hose, be sure to pay attention to the burst pressure of the garden hose and the working pressure you want to use. When the working pressure exceeds the garden hose itself, delamination and knocking occur.

    How to avoid the occurrence of detonation?

    High quality garden hoses must be purchased. To distinguish high quality garden hoses is very simple, the following is a way to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of garden tubes.

    1. Smell. The high quality garden hose tastes very small, and if you don't smell it, it won't taste.

    2. Fold and fold the high quality garden hose to see how it's tough.

    three. frozen. Freeze in the freezer for a few hours to see if the high quality garden hose will appear hard.

    1. Bake, flue-cured, and smell whether it is a polyvinyl chloride material.

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