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    This accomplished anniversary has been a asperous one for the FIFA community, with advancing allegations of cheating calling into catechism the angary of FIFA Ultimate Team's a lot of aggressive mode.Some of FIFA 18's top players accept been accused of disconnecting to abstain recording a accident via what's alleged a "no accident glitch" - and now there are calls from some for EA to abolish this week's Weekend League until the aggregation can array out the problem.

    FUT Champions is FIFA Ultimate Team's a lot of aggressive mode. I've appear on its demands and rewards, and the acumen so abounding put so abounding hours into it (it requires you play 40 matches anniversary weekend). Top acceptable players on the all-around FUT Champions leaderboard accept an allurement to the FUT Champions Cups, so anniversary bout counts.The allegations of cheating hit the association if pro amateur Krasimir Ivanov was accused of disconnecting in a bout to abstain a loss.Under accustomed circumstances, abandonment out of an online bout in FUT automatically registers as a 3-0 accident to the amateur who pulled the plug. However, it seems there is an affair with appropriately registering a accident if a amateur tethers their animate to a adaptable buzz affiliation and disconnects via their phone.