If the thought of saving money

  • If the thought of saving money on your cable bill is something you’re excited about, cord cutting can buy mt nba 2k20 just that (if done correctly, that is). Be aware, though, that if you buy all of these various subscriptions to fill the void you could potentially overdo it, meaning you won’t be saving anything at all.

    Curious about what sort of savings you could potentially achieve? Check out this incredibly handy tool from Slate, which gives you a calculator of sorts to help you determine your savings. As an example, if you were to only subscribe to cable internet and Netflix (the most common setup for basic cordcutters), you would save roughly $527 a year. The tool has various options available, and we highly suggest you toy around with it if it’s something you’re considering and you’re looking for some perspective.

    Here are the various types of movie streaming and live TV streaming services available in 2017, and our thoughts on each:

    Streaming Services Available Now

    The Big 3

    Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu are the three biggest media streaming services with paid subscriptions for those who drop their cable bill (and, yes — in that exact order of popularity). Each service offers something a bit different, and each one has their own pros and cons. Here’s a breakdown mt coins 2k20 each of the Big 3 and what they can do for you as a cable TV alternative.


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