Irreversible or to monetize OSRS

  • In an objective sense this is ok. As a 1st world participant (o play Runescape3 bc I don't beg na start over) it *****. But hey guy, If I must try out somewhat more that some other man can eat, then thats cool. Jagex has been the one who was responsible for enormous amounts of their player base to buy OSRS gold. Sure, bots are bothersome, but jagex reacting to it by removing free trade along with the wilderness did much more damage than the robots did. I think that something similar will occur in the future. When it's jagex try discharge another pest infestation that is irreversible or to monetize OSRS.

    Id rather have someone on the accounts training and performing all kinda of stuff like those servies other then bots or jsut golden famrers crashing items cuz atleast then they're people playing and coaching the accounts legit and assisting their loved ones simply playing the game for somebody not rwt kind but theres me and I dont get it done or condone breaking up the runes but would rather this afterward bots and regular gold farmers.The benefit in the Venezuelans playing Runescape seems much greater the incovience of green drags being packaged and resources coming into the match at a greater speed.

    I mean it is like botting just it helps hundreds if not thousands of people to get by and make a better life for themselves and clearly there are individuals from first world nations that also gain from being able to do the high-level content they like without grinding for long periods of time, maybe wasting their lives away and end up as a NEET. (Like for those Venezuelans playing Runescape is a much better use of the time than it's for somebody out of a first world nation ) If you truly need to avoid being affected by this type of stuff as far as you can, which you are going be wether it is Venezuelans trying to put food on the table or only any dude running a bot farm, create an Ironman and play with that.

    Jagex DOES have a bot detection method that is poor with RuneScape Mobile gold. I understand people are going to fire me and think im lying, im ready for it. But one of my OSRS accounts was banned for botting when I have NEVER ran a bot. Countless hours down the drain, and not one person even remotely believes me when I explain the narrative. Quite pathetic to be honest. They simply want membership cash.


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