The boss rage timers were rather generous

  • All you had was a principal tank which was semi-decently geared with just a bit of passion resist for some fights and who knows how to construct threat with wow classic gold. The boss mechanics were so fundamental in comparison with today because most supervisors had maybe a single mechanic that you listen to. Have the bomb Garr? Run from this group. The boss rage timers were rather generous therefore there wasn't a big dps cutoff to fill out the fight, fairly typical at a pug back then to get half your group wipe and the remainder still finish the battle comfortably. The one hard thing with theses previous raids is everything strikes your tank HARD, therefore some healers will need to be spamming low rank (to conserve mana) heals constantly when he is full to mitigate explode.

    Challenge was just another I suppose, but ultimately none of this takes a new game. The one thing a new game would achieve is fresh graphics, and also a temporary new world to learn. Quickly it would be swallowed like every game is now days, and it would be in exactly the same situations as WoW Classic. It doesn't matter if it is WoW Classic or even a new game. The core advantage of wows philosophy is that it's so much to do and learn, and just enjoy that you don't even need new content really to enjoy. New game could only be a nice treat, but it would also lack the WoW Classic nostalgia and design of world many of us come to appreciate being in.

    My main issue about WoW Classic is that it is still created by Blizzard.Seriously, it is the very firm that went from creating a few, glistening, interesting and sometimes even innovative games using an immersive story and world steeped in magic and mystery. Into one which farts out bland, unimaginative shovelware on a regular basis with either no story in any way, or nonsensical weeb-fan fic with a transparent style over substance approach.And now we are expected to believe the same firm that thought THIS are the right strategy, minus the vast majority of important figures responsible for the first games, to turn around and get everything right? I really don't see how that makes any sense to anybody.

    They're bringing back WoW Classic the original iteration of WoW Classic. So far as the original devs to buy classic wow gold. One of these is on overwatch now, yet another is course design on dks when he had been the dev of both pvp and others have gone and been replaced by activision employees. The original devs with the philosophy of WoW Classic arent around the ones now arent in charge of WoW Classic so to say they're the reason for what contemporary wow is now is simply dumb.